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CdV 2014 – Pursuit of action

Corps de Ville

// We really want to continue this action: not only to go further, but also to extend this project to other countries and cities in order to carry out a second part of the project in 2015-2016.
In Yerevan, Armenia, the company works with various structures such as the National Institute of Theater and Cinema for the implementation of the master class, with the international Higt Fest festival, as well as with schools in the city. Some of these actions have been supported by the cultural service of the French Embassy in Yerevan.

In Cagliari in Sardinia the company collaborates with the association Tersicorea and the T.OFF.

And since April Heliotropion is working on the implementation of a project in the city of Tunis with the collaboration of different associations and local structures.

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