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Étude pour une chorégraphie urbaine


Dialogues and body interactions in an urban context

Dance //Music // Digital arts

(creation 2010/2011)

Collective Creation

Clotilde Tiradritti Choreography, dance and voice
Patrick Matoian Musical and digital composition
Sissi Guoi Video and light creation
Duration 40 minutes

Study for an urban choreography is a story of images, words, sounds and dreams.
The city is shifting, multiple, the bodies must to adapt.
It becomes an imaginary place: one that the human body could modify.
The body is in the heart of this performance. The body is put in motion confronting itself with the urban space.
At the same time poetic, dreamlike and narrative, the performance presents various emo- tive state within which the body lives.


Production : Compagnie Héliotropion,
Partners : SPEDIDAM, Fondazione Teatro Nuovo per la Danza in Turin (Italie), T. OFF in Cagliari, Festival Internazionale Vignale Danza,
Reception in residence : MICADANCES and Point Éphémère in Paris, Centre Chorégraphique Marie Devillers in Beauvais – «les chemins du solo», T. OFF in Cagliari, Essaim de Julie in St Julien Molin Molette, CREA spectacle in Mondville (Caen), Gare au Théâtre in Vitry/Seine. With the help of ARCADI (Plateaux Solidaires), the Ménagerie de Verre, RAVIV and the CND.

From a technical side

Team : 3 artists + 1 light technician,,
Scenic area : ideal 8m x 8m / minimum 6m X 6 m, with dance floor or parquet flooring throughout the playing area,
Technical requirements : Screen or projection surface 6m x 4,5m,
Sound system : Broadcast system, amplification and wiring adapted to the room with 4 XLR inputs

To receive an artistic file and a complete technical sheet please contact us through our contact form.

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