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Entrevoix 2X

Choreographic performance, vocals and music

dance // vocals // music

(creation 2007)

Clotilde Tiradritti choreography, dance and voice
Patrick Matoian musical composition and voice
Walter Pace lights
Duration 50 minutes


Texts : Walter Pace, Patrick Matoian, Clotilde Tiradritti, Stefano Benni
(adaptation by Clotilde Tiradritti and Patrick Matoian)
Lyrics : Frizel, Costello (adaptation by Patrick Matoian)

A performance that mixes dance, vocals and texts to question the world we live in.
An attentive piece of work focusing on a choreographic research full of poetry and offbeat humor.
In sensor dynamic situations, the music uses dance as a stimuli. Noise comes out of the body, through breath, voice and heart beats…


Production : Compagnie Héliotropion,
Partners : Scène Quai Est à Ivry/Seine, Centre Culturel Jean Vilar in Marly le Roi, Hop Altrove in Genès, Festival Internazionale Vignale Danza in Italy,
Reception in residence : Espace André Malraux et Dancité in Marly le Roi, Scène Quai Est, Centre Culturel Jean Vilar, Centre de Ressources du Danseur in Drancy, Laboratoire de la Création and Mairie de Paris, Essaim de Julie in St Julien Molin Molette, with the help of the CND (studio grant) .

From a technical side

Team : 2 artists + 1 light technician,
Scenic area : ideal 8m x 8m, dance floor or parquet flooring throughout the playing area,
Sound system : Broadcast system, amplification and wiring adapted to the room with 4 XLR inputs.

To receive an artistic file and a complete technical sheet please contact us through our contact form.

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