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In # visible

Poetic dialogues and interactions for an urban infighting

Circus // dance // music // digital arts

(creation 2016)

Lesluin Bolonia aerial acrobat (rope)
Gaëlle Estève aerial acrobat (rope)
Clotilde Tiradritti dancer and actress
Patrick Matoian musician
Benoit Voarick videographer
Duration 55 mn


Design and implementation // Clotilde Tiradritti
Circus contributors // Volodia Lesluin et Gaëlle Esteve
Musical and sound composition // Patrick Matoian
Video Creation // Benoit Voarick
Outside view and help for dramaturgy // Bernard Pico
Lights // Walter Pace

In#visible is a multidisciplinary poetic and visual performance to tell and dance the mental and geographical space of the city, to tell and dance the body in the city, to tell and dance the body of the city.

In#visible is freely inspired by the Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. The show mixes dance, circus, music and digital arts. This new project is in the multidisciplinary demarche that characterize the Heliotropion company.

On stage a dancer/ singer, a musician, two acrobats/dancers and a videographer will play with the interactions between body, images and sound in real time.

How visible and invisible fit together in our imagination and how we picture the city itself?

How dance and acrobatics assemble the same stakes in the body, in a common need in each motion, as a supporting structure to help turn to others and explore the relations be-tween intimacy and space.


Production : Compagnie Héliotropion,
Partners : DRAC Ile-de-France (aide à la production dramatique), SPEDIDAM, Arts Vivants en Vaucluse (Auditorium Jean Moulin – Le Thor), Espace Georges Simenon à Rosny-sous-Bois, La cie 36 du Mois in Fresnes, T.OFF in Cagliari (festival salle Orme), Gare au Théâtre and la Compagnie de la Gare à Vitry/Seine, EMMETROP and la Maison de la Culture de Bourges.
Reception in residence : Académie Fratellini in Saint Denis, Chapiteau de la Fontaine aux Images in Clichy-sous-Bois, La Fabrique in Saint Etienne, CND in Pantin (mise à disposition de studio), with the help of Arcadi Île-de-France dans le cadre des Pistes Solidaires et Plateaux Solidaires.

From a technical side

Team : 5 artists + 1 light technician,
Scenic area : ideal 12m x 12m / minimum 10m x 9m / height 7m – frontal or semi-circular configuration,
Technical requirements : height hang point for a smooth rope (supporting 600kg in load), dance floor or parquet flooring throughout the playing area,
Sound system : Broadcast system, amplification and wiring adapted to the room with 6 XLR inputs.

To receive an artistic file and a complete technical sheet please contact us through our contact form.

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