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Direct’ Radio

A radio-phoni-choreographic & musical creation in an urban space

Dance // Theater //Music

(creation 2013/2014)

Collective Creation

Clotilde Tiradritti dance and vocals
Patrick Matoian music and vocals
Duration 45 minutes

Texts: collective writing freely inspired by “Elianto” and “Comici spaventati guerrieri” by Stefano Benni

This project is an intervention in an urban space. A meeting between two artists and the audience around our daily current themes. The idea would be to meet in unusual places in the city, each time at a different place.

The story begins in a mobile radio studio where two characters meet for a very singular live broadcasting : a musician, speaker and DJ and a dancer, a special reporter in an unusual mission.
They talk about us, our feelings, our emotions, our concerns in various broadcasts. How many molecules and strange substances will we absorb with every breath?

With humor, poetry and cruelty they chant their speaking and their resistance games. Direct’Radio a frequency to listen, a radio to watch!


Production : Compagnie Héliotropion,
Financial partner : SPEDIDAM,
Coproductions : Gare au Théâtre and the Compagnie de la Gare in Vitry/Seine – festival «Nous n’irons pas à Avignon 2013», town of Saint Denis (direction des affaires culturelles) – festival «la Fête de Saint-Denis»,
Reception in residence : Avant Rue/Friches Théâtre Urbain – Paris 17e, Nil Obstat (Centre de Création Artistique arts de la rue et cirque) – St-Ouen l’Aumône, with the help of RAVIV.

From a technical side

Team : 2 people + 1 touring organiser,
Scenic area : 6m X 6 m,
Type of implantation : Flat ground, place, square, park, pedestrian street. Asphalt, clay or lawn (no gravel or sand …)
Technical requirements : a place without too much noise (to not disturb the listening of the show) with a power supply of 220 volts,
Mounting time : 30 minutes (Disassembly time: 20 minutes).

To receive an artistic file and a complete technical sheet please contact us through our contact form.

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