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ELEM D.O. or the objects music

Circus, singing, musical manipulations, dance of objects

Circus // Dance // Music // Digital arts

(creation 2008)

collective creation
Choreographic writing and work with objects : Clotilde Tiradritti and Bene Borth
Musical and sound composition : Patrick Matoian
Lighting Design : Walter Pace
Outside view : Philippe Ricard

Béné Borth juggling, dancing and object manipulation
Thomas Guerineau juggling, dancing and object manipulation
Clotilde Tiradritti dance, object manipulation and singing
Patrick Matoian instrument à corde, informatique et voix
Duration 1h

In a world where we are continually approached by an invasive sound universe, does a path to harmony exist?
In an urban context characters meet. Using unusual objects such as plastic grids pipes, a metal frame, signs and plastic bags, they will try to express words they are unable to say.
They tell us about their dreams, their hopes and their solitude.


Production : Compagnie Héliotropion,
Financial partners : DRAC Ile-de-France, ADAMI, SPEDIDAM,
Coproductions : Fondazione Teatro Nuovo per la Danza à Turin (Italie), Festival Internazionale Vignale Danza, Cirque CABUWAZI in Berlin, Chapiteau les Noctambules in Nanterre,
Reception in residence : Espace Périphérique de la Villette, Point Éphémère in Paris, Avant Rue/Friche Théâtre Urbain in Paris, Nil Obstrat, Moulin Fondu Centre National des Arts de la Rue in Noisy le Sec, Espace Catastrophe in Bruxelles, Académie Fratellini in St Denis.

From a technical side

Team : 4 artists + 1 light technician,
Scenic area : ideal 10m x 10m / height 5m, with dance floor or parquet flooring throughout the playing area,
Sound system : broadcast system, amplification and wiring adapted to the room with 4 XLR inputs.

To receive an artistic file and a complete technical sheet please contact us through our contact form.

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