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Béné Borth

juggler and dancer

Artist juggler, a graduate of the National Center of Circus Arts of Chalon.
He acquired his initial training at the circus school “Die Etage” in Berlin.
Cofounder of the Mauvais Esprits company, he played for three years the show “La”.
Since 1996 he has been working as an interpreter in the Pierre Doussaint Dance Company and has been collaborating to the establishment of dance / circus projects. Meanwhile, he developed a research work that links dance and juggling. What led him recently, for example, to prepare the actor Vincent Perez to manipulate objects for the filming of “Fan- fan la Tulipe”.
For 4 years he collaborated in the staging of performances for the Heliotropion company.
He led juggling research workshops and dance and collaborated In staging several show at the Kabuwazi circus in Berlin
In 2005 in Germany with Zircus Foma Company, he participated in the creation of “Un mor- ceau de ciel dans la main”, a circus, theater, singing and music performance.
Since 2007, he has been teaching at the Fratellini school.

Member of the team on shows: Elem DO and  An Nagodo.

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