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Nube de Agua

A route of sounds and gestures

Dance // Vocals

(creation 2004)

Clotilde Tiradritti dance, voice and body rhythms
Patrick Matoian music
Duration 30 minutes

An universe of sounds effects, percussion and body rhythm, world music vocals and melo- dic creation played live.

A choreographic journey in which vocals and dance meet in order to feed the sensual and shimmering imaginary of the play.


Coproductions : Compagnie Héliotropion, Centre Culturel Jean Vilar in Marly le Roi, Scène Quai Est in Ivry, Hop Altrove in Genès, Festival Internationale Vignale Danza (Italy).
Reception in residence : CND (studio grant) , Dancité in Marly le Roi, La Scène Quai Est, the Centre de Ressources du Danseur in Drancy, the Laboratoire de la Création and the Mairie de Paris.

From a technical side

Team : 2 artists + 1 light technician,
Scenic area : ideal 8m x 8m, dance floor or parquet flooring throughout the playing area,
Sound system : Broadcast system, amplification and wiring adapted to the room with 4 XLR inputs.

To receive an artistic file and a complete technical sheet please contact us through our contact form.

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