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Corps de Ville

An intergenerational project for European cities

Corps de Ville is a creation and reflection project on the city evolution and on our relation to our body through an intergenerational and cultural dialogue.
The project was supported by the Heliotropion company with the collaboration of many European partners from September 2012 to October 2013 through the cities of Paris, Turin and Krakow and in 2014 in Cagliari (with the development of the second part of the project).

Based of a collection of testimonies, the aim was to involve in the creation process two generations : elderlies who inhabited the city and young people who live in it.

This project aims to bring together different generations and to question the place of the body and of citizenship in the city, to bring awareness to the future urban environment and to develop cultural cooperation thanks to meeting, multidisciplinary workshops, public performances, films/documentaries and the setting of an interactive website.

The artistic team composed of a choreographer, videographer, musician / computer scien- tist and a director, has directed the memorial reactivation work with the gathering of texts, images and video sequences in order to structure the materials on which the project was developed.
The use of digital arts will conduct this dialogue in the present but will help to reconstruct the past through a virtual journey back in time thanks to flashbacks and will also help to imagine the future.

Basic artistic team:

Clotilde Tiradritti : conception, staging and choreography
Patrick Matoian : musical, digital and instrumental composition
Sissi Guoi : image creation, video and lights
With the participation in each city of a group of 10/12 young dancers and testimonials of several elderly people.

The different actions

Corps de Ville – Paris

After several months of field work at the Lavoir Moderne Parisien (18ème arrondissement) the project presented at Gare au Théâtre (Vitry sur Seine) as part of the festival «Les rencontres du réel»...

Corps de Ville – Cracovie

With the support of the Sztuki Bunker, one of the city's most contemporary cultural venues, the project has enjoyed great visibility and aroused both curiosity and interest...

Corps de Ville – Turin

With the collaboration of Associatione Didee / festival La Piattaforma and Filieradarte the project was presented to the public as part of a great "intergenerational" day...

Corps de Ville – Cagliari

On the occasion of the candidacy of Cagliari as European Capital of Culture in 2019, the project developed in the form of small, choreographic forms in the city as well as in an old theater...
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