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Héliotropion Company

dance, circus, music, digital arts

A place of exchange

The company was created in 2001 as a place of exchange, meeting and research between artists from different artistic backgrounds and origins.

A place of research

From the beginning the projects are intended to be trans-disciplinary. The company is de- veloping a research based on the body : dance, object theater, circus, voice, music and digital arts.

Artistic approach

The themes that inspire its creations are varied but they always deals with a meeting. A meeting between arts but also between cultures and individuals.
The company carries out shows (short or long) as well as in situation performances and creations specially adapted to places and audiences.
The principal line of its research work could be summed up in a few words : to explore and to stage human creative dimension in today’s world through the body and experience new ways of writing live performances.


Since 2001 Heliotropion presented fifteen performances mixing various artistic disciplines.
Since 2011 Heliotropion has been developing throughout Europe Corps de Ville, a research project on the body confronted to the urban context.

International projects

For several years artists of the company have developed a creation work and have tried to raise awareness in various European countries (Italy, Poland, Germany, Hungary) as well as in other countries (Syria, Morocco, Armenia, Brazil) with help of some French Cultural Cen- ters (Institut Français de Cracovie, the cultural cooperation service of the french embassy in Erevan, CCF de Marrakech, CCF d’Alep) and some cultural organizations as well as trai- ning schools.

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