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1 August 2014 – Cagliari

Corps de ville

// Closing of the second part of the project
(July 24 to August 1, 2014: choreographic, theatrical and musical laboratory led by Compagnie Héliotropion with the collaboration of Tersicorea)

In the framework of the “Opera Sommerse” Festival EDITION 2014 in T. OFF – Cagliari – Sardinia – Italy

1 August 2014
Project display.
– 9:00 pm: Choreographic tour in the urban space with the participation of 13 artists selected during the workshop led by the company from 24 to 31 July at the T.Off (dance, theater, aikishintaiso and music).
– 9:30 pm: Teatro Civico di Castello. Performance and intervention of Enrica Puggioni, Deputy Minister of Culture at Cagliari City Council and a brief introduction on the process of candidacy of the European Capital of Culture in 2019.
– Screening of the film “Corps de ville # 1 – Paris / Cracow / Turin”, made by the company in 2012/13

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