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Corps de VILLE

an intergenerational project through European cities

Dance // Theater // Voice // Music

(creation 2013/2014)

part # 1

Paris // Cracow // Turin

Cities and people

Collective creation

Clotilde Tiradritti conception, staging and choreography
Patrick Matoian musical and digital composition
Sissi Guoi video and light creation

With the participation in each town of a group of 10/15 young dancers and the testimonials of several elderly people.

In the heart of the city, meetings and stories intersect.
With poetry and tenderness, humor and irony, there are multiple positions taken between gesture and speech, little stories between prose and choreography: another way of representing the reality…

Corps de ville takes place as a project of creation and reflection on the evolution of the city and on our relationship to the body through an intergenerational and cultural dialogue.

Based on a collection of testimonies, the aim was to involve two generations in the creation process: elderly people who lived in the city and young artists who will live the city in the future. The artistic team, composed of a choreographer, a videographer, a musician/computer scientist and a director, guided this memory reactivation work and participated in the gathering of texts, images and video sequences in order to Structure the materials on which the project was developed.
How, on the basis of these testimonies, is it possible to evoke the evolution of cities and how, from our relationship to the body, to imagine the future otherwise?

Three restitutions were presented at the end of the project: one in each city.

part # 2


City in suspension
between past and future

Collective creation

Clotilde Tiradritti conception, staging and choreography
Patrick Matoian musical and digital composition

With the participation of a group of a dozen dancers and the testimonials from several elderly people.

In Cagliari, Sardinia, the company collaborated with the association Tersicorea Teatro T.OFF for the realization of a second part of Corps de ville.

The final presentation of the project was conceived in two parts:

  • a choreographic journey in the urban space with the participation of 13 local artists
  • a performance on the stage of the Teatro Civico di Castello.

French partners

Paris : Label Paris Europe – Mairie de Paris – Relations Internationales, Mairie du 18me, Lavoir Moderne Parisien, Centre National de la Danse in Pantin, Gare au Théâtre in Vitry/Seine, Association au Rendez-vous des Seniors in Paris 18th.

Other European partners

Cracow : Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery and Institut Francais,
Turin : Associazione Didee arti e comunicazione / Festival La Piattaforma and Associazione Culturale Filieradarte,
Cagliari : Tersicorea Teatro T.OFF and with the support of the Region Sardinia and the city of Cagliari.

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