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June 2013 – Paris, Turin, Krakow

Corps de Ville

// The first part of the 2013 project ends …

After several months of work, in each city are organized the last choreographic workshops followed by public renderings in the form of performance.

In Turin on 6 June, after 4 days of training, the project was presented at the Sala Fornerode in Turin as part of “Gente di città”, an interprofessional community dance festival. In Paris after several choreographic workshops, June 16 at the Lavoir Moderne Parisien, in the Goutte d’or district. In the afternoon, interventions in the urban space with the presentation of ‘Petites formes’ (friche rue Leon / rue Myrha) and at 7:30 pm theater performance, followed by a meeting with the public, artists and elderly people who Participates in the project.

In Krakow, at the end of June, a four-day choreographic workshop followed by a performance on June 30 at the Bunkier Sztuki art Gallery. Meeting / debate with the public after representation.

The first part of the 2013 project ends … but we hope to be able to develop it again in 2014!

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