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Bruno Michel

Acrobat and musician

Graduated in 1995 from the Centre National des Arts du Cirque de Chalon, he uses his skills in circus, music and dance performances.
Founding member of the Anomalie Company, he participated in the creation of «Le cri du caméléon” under the supervision of Joseph Nadj. Performer and creator, he also holds at some events, the position of music director.
He was the one who imagine “33 Tours de piste” a show based on a circus concert concept. In 1998, he leaved France to Indonesia and then Australia.
There he directed circus workshops for Aborigines, gave acrobatic dance classes improvisa- tion, participated in performance and created for the Indian dance festival in Perth “La Rose de Mongolie ” a show incorporating dance, acrobatics and storytelling.
Back in France in early 2002, he founded the company Le joker family in order to develop a synthesis work between circus, theater, dance and music.
He collaborated again with the Anomalie Company to achieve new artistic projects. In 2006 he went back to Australia to train in music and sound.

Member of the team on show: An Nagodo

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